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How can you increase the impact of your content without spending more?

With a content strategist.

Learn how a content strategist can transform your brand.

What does a content strategist do?

What does a content strategist do?

A content strategist is responsible for increasing measurable actions across your website and digital marketing channels. They put in place a strategy that delivers engaging content that results in a positive outcome.

With the help of a content strategist you can create consistent content across your internal and external channels.

Benefits of working with a content strategist

01. Content Strategy

They can develop a content strategy for you. This will cover planning, development and management of content across your organisation and published channels.

06. Content Creation

Can be used for specific campaigns.

Will create content plans and schedules.

Can lead the content creation process.

Can create multiple types of content to fit the needs of the audience.

05. Innovate

A content strategist can manage the introduction of communicating in new ways.

02. Content governance

They can establish a content governance framework. Often, a content strategist will be required to build relationships and break down barriers within organisations.

03. Training

A content strategist can provide training and knowledge transfer to upskill your existing team.

04. Compliment Existing Resources

They can work alongside your existing marketing and communications teams.

What is a Content Strategy?

A Content Strategy refers to the planning, development, and management of content. Content strategies can take many forms. However, the best ones incorporate the following...

Content Audit

Do you know if your content is up to date?

Is the content relevant to the user?

Is there a clear objective for the page?

Where can you make improvements?

Content Governance

Without content governance your strategy will fail. Why?

Your content strategy should aim to deliver tangible business outcomes.

Content governance puts measures in place to ensure you can deliver the strategy.

Have you defined clear content roles, processes and workflows?

Style Guide

This is a set of standards that ensures your organisation communicates in a consistent way across all of your channels. It encourages good practice and ensures you put the needs of the customer first.

Have you got a style guide?

Do you enforce it?

Customer Research

We don’t create generic personas like other agencies. Our customer research identifies your ideal customer.

Are you targeting the right customer?

Objectives and Goals

A content strategy will establish measurable actions. How are you measuring success?

Is it traffic or are you measuring action?

What’s the most important metric to your business?


Based on customer research and your goals and objectives your content strategy will determine where to publish your content.

Content Plan

Based on research and your objectives, your strategy will include a high level content plan. This plan will include task management, an indicative schedule and the types of content to be created. Following this plan will ensure that your content meets the needs of your customers.


Establish a review mechanism to determine whether the content strategy has been successful.

Content Strategist

Find out how we can develop a content strategy for you.

What Is Content Marketing?

A Content Strategy is positioned above all of your other strategies. It’s more important than your brand strategy. It’s more important than your communications strategy and it’s more important than your content marketing strategy.

How brand informs your content strategy

If you create content that is valuable to your audience and serves a marketing purpose for your business, you are doing content marketing.

How to reposition your brand with a content strategy

If your content isn't performing the way your business needs, you should consider repositioning your brand.

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What Is Content Marketing?

If you create content that is valuable to your audience and serves a marketing purpose for your business, you are doing content marketing.

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