What Is Content Design?

Content Is Not Just Words

"Good content design allows people to do, or find out what they need, simply and quickly, using the most appropriate content format available."


Content Design

Content should meet a user need.

You should create content that meets a user need. Not a user want. Sometimes users don't know what they want.

Do you think you know your customer?

Put yourself in their position.

Start thinking like them.

Their frustrations are different to what you think.

Ask youself:

Why would a user want to visit my website?
How will a user find my website?
Is my content valuable?
What might their user journey look like?

The Content Design Process

Define a user need
Decide what format the content will take – e.g. video, tool, calculator etc
Work with a designer, developer, expert to get the best solution
Design the content
Test it
Track and make sure it’s still fulfilling the original user need
Improve it whenever you can

Make Your Content Better

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What Is Content Marketing?

If you create content that is valuable to your audience and serves a marketing purpose for your business, you are doing content marketing.

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